Patch notes


  • Fixed the spelling of Length in Wave Dash Length Rank (thank you Troy Spencer @_CrushPoint_)
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in Bowser's Fire Breath (thank you Troy Spencer @_CrushPoint_)
  • Fixed some capitalization inconsistencies in tables (thank you Troy Spencer @_CrushPoint_)
  • Marked negative percentages for CC/ASDI as impossible (thank you Troy Spencer @_CrushPoint_)
  • Made it possible to go from the first frame to the last frame by pressing previous frame in the GIF player (thank you noon @noonvania)
  • Changed the CC/ASDI values to show as impossible at upwards angles (thank you Skullbro @skullbro200)
  • Added an option to sort the CC/ASDI table (thank you to vlerk @vlerkssbm)
  • The sort option for the CC/ASDI table is now saved when you leave the page
  • Added the option to navigate between frames with the arrow keys and space in the gif (thank you to vlerk @vlerkssbm)
  • Fixed an issue where would not redirect to the drive
  • Fixed an issue where Donkey Kong Down Tilt was the Jab 2 animation
  • Changed the build process to use gzip, hopefully increasing performance a small bit


  • Added the social bar, patch notes and light theme to mobile
  • Made some mobile only light mode changes
  • Fixed an issue where the move/character name would leave its intended box on mobile
  • Setup caching policies and other major server side performance improvements
  • Used dynamic imports for larger libraries to lower bundle size
  • Changed from the nextui react package to individual components to improve bundle size
  • Added an option to locally block Umami
  • Added a beta indicator to the navbar and sidenav
  • Made the logo in the navbar clickable on mobile


  • Changed SEO info to be better
  • Added the open source analytics of Umami (uBlock Origin blocks this. Data is open and public)
  • Removed the scrollbar on the sidenav when its not needed.
  • Added a restyle of the scrollbar to be more modern (does not effect Firefox)


  • Fixed SEO info not properly being merged (no more beautiful website text)
  • Added the renamed Roy/Marth sideb gifs
  • Fixed Jab 1 for select characters not having a gif
  • Fixed all Roll Backwards not having a gif
  • Fixed some rapid jabs not having a gif
  • Added 44 Aerial versions of Grounded special moves that were missing them
  • Re-added the old gifs where they didn't exist yet
  • Added credits to both Neil and Emilia where applicable
  • Added a warning about interpolated moves


  • Added SEO information to the Patch notes page
  • Added SEO information to the Character page
  • Implemented the Search box
  • Added a lot of missing GIFs, there are still more to come soon (hopefully this week)


  • A Move GIF's frame counter now starts from 1 instead of 0
  • Hid the Hitboxes and Crouch cancel table for moves without a hitbox
  • Fixed the routes within the breadcrumbs to be correct
  • Added True or False behind the Can wall jump
  • Added a characters banner above the characters


  • Initial beta release